Zhang Zhuang

General Manager
With extensive knowledge in the field of corporate management and ISO quality management system, Zhangzhuang has already assisted more than 1000 manufacturing companies to audit, develop, implement their quality management systems. His strong sense of business development and branding building is always inspiring and useful.

George Lyu

PR Director
George used to be a senior diplomat in France and he was engaged in management work in top 500 enterprises. He had a deep understanding of European culture, also rich experience in project management and unique understanding and successful experience in public relations.

Roger Xu

Engineering Manager
Roger is chief designer of our enthusiastic design team. He is remarkably talented and always strives for perfection whether the project is large or small. Roger’s qualifications in engineering design are greatly sought after within the industry.

Luan Qing

Quality Engineer
Luan Qing leads a team of quality professionals with the overall aim of ensuring the final product quality while keeping the manufacturing process as effective and cost-efficient. Her is known for his expertise such as FAT,SAT etc. And he also has significant experience in operating CE and FDA.

Aiwen Lv

Lv is exceptionally experienced in administration and human resources. Her meticulous attention to detail in purchasing and general office management is paramount to the efficiency and passion of our team.


CAM Leader
Lu has been engaged in computer programming for more than 15 years. He is a senior programmer and plays an important role in the improvement and upgrading of the company's CNC system. At the same time, Lu has been committed to the improvement of production efficiency and the research of ultra precision machining methods.

Wang Zheng Shan

Production Lead
Wang zheng shan gained great experience in tool making in Singapore where he was employed for ten years. He is an expert with EDM, grinding and CNC centre machining. Wang zheng shan and his team are focused on automation and robotics to enhance our production efficiency.

Leo Lee

Molding Lead
Leo has ten years experience with every aspect of mold processing. His extensive knowledge allows him to validate tool molding functions and his process study capability and trouble shooting skill-set allow him to “buy-off” the tool on behalf of customer.

Jim Zhang, George Shi, Michelle Lee & Crystal Zhou

Cross Function Team
This group of employees represent our Trend Cross Function team. They are responsible for progress chasing, process planning and quality control. They also ensure that products are packaged correctly and deliveries are made on time.

Craig Cao, Don Rao and Dennis Song

Tool Maker Team
This is our Trend Tool Maker Team, responsible for mold fitting and assembly, their comprehensive experience ensure the inserts are interchangeable and guarantees the supply of reliable molds for sampling.
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